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Dave Ramsey Smartvestor Pro

Dave Ramsey is one of the most recognized and trusted names in personal finance. As a personal financial management guru, Dave is a leader in helping people learn how to pay off debt and build wealth. Through Financial Peace University, his radio show, podcast, conferences, and books, Dave has earned a high level of trust and respect for helping others with their personal finances.

SmartVestor Pros are investment and financial planning professionals who have been vetted and selected to be a part of the SmartVestor Pro Program by Dave Ramsey and his team. As advisors, SmartVestor Pros are held to a high standard of excellence by Dave and his team as they work with clients to help them invest successfully, build wealth and achieve their long-term retirement goals and dreams. SmartVestor Pros are committed to educating and empowering clients in taking charge of their investments and personal finances.


Scott Fisher, CFP®, has been selected as a SmartVestor Pro because he is committed to helping you achieve your long-term investing goals. As a SmartVestor Pro,

I agree to the SmartVestor Code of Conduct.

I believe everyone deserves access to solid, professional investing guidance.

I have earned my position as a SmartVestor Pro because of my experience in the industry and my drive to help others.

I provide a refreshing twist on financial planning.

I have the heart of a teacher, not the attitude of a salesman. I’m someone you can feel comfortable talking to and someone you can trust. We’ll work together to create a plan to help you reach your goals.

I care about your future.

I’m more than a “financial planner”— I’m someone you can relate to and share your dreams with. I fit your investments to your life, help you understand what you’re investing in and why, and encourage you to stick with your long-term goals.

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The SmartVestor program is a directory of investment professionals. Working with a SmartVestor Pro does not guarantee investment success, and no assurance can be made that working with a SmartVestor Pro will produce better results than working with a financial professional not affiliated with the program. Neither Dave Ramsey nor SmartVestor Pro are affiliates of or affiliated with JGA.

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