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Our Process

Focused on You

Our personalized financial planning gets to the heart of what matters to you.

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Our structured approach to wealth management gives you the attention you deserve.

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We create strategies tailor-made to reach your financial goal.

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Your Goals, Our Focus

Everyone has financial goals. At John Graham & Associates, Inc., we know what it takes to help you achieve them. That is why we created the Wealth Tower Process.

Our Process

We take a disciplined, structured approach to wealth management. This careful, steady formula allows us to give you the personalized planning that you deserve.

  1. Meeting your financial advisor
  2. Understanding who you are and what is important to you
  3. Assessing where you are in relation to where you want to be
  4. Discussing a strategy to accomplish your goals
  5. Implementing the strategy

The Results

You are interested in results. This in-depth process was designed to help you reach your goals of

  1. Creating wealth
  2. Preserving wealth
  3. Providing income

We have the desire, tools and know-how to get you results. We can provide you with a high level of personalized financial planning services to create strategic plans, tailor-made to reach your individual goals.

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